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INGREDIENTS (6 people)
600g of black cuttlefish of medium size
80g salt
20g sugar
For the garlic emulsion:
300g of water
100g of extra virgin oil
25g of extra virgin oil flavoured with a clove of garlic at 55°
15g of parmesan
1/2 hot chilli
For the creamed cherry tomatoes:
200g of cherry tomatoes
30g extra virgin oil
For the black cuttlefish sauce:
Cuttlefish livers
Black cuttlefish ink sacs
1 sheet of fish gelatine
Extra virgin oil
2 cloves of garlic
1/2 hot chilli
Clean the cuttlefish and put their livers and ink sac aside for the sauce.
Wash the bodies well with seawater, dry and marinate with salt and sugar as required.
Lay the cuttlefish out in vacuum-sealed bags and cook in water at 65° for approx. 15 minutes.
Once cooked put them into packets of 4 cuttlefish and freeze.
To make the garlic emulsion combine all the ingredients using a blender. 
For the creamed tomatoes: blend the tomatoes, sieve and beat with extra virgin oil.
Brown the garlic in a pan with a spot of oil, add the livers and ink sacs, season with salt and pepper, cook with a ladleful of water. Blend, then add the fish gelatine, season with salt.
Cut the frozen cuttlefish with the slicer and blanch in salted water for approx. 1 minute, serve with a spot of oil and some ground white pepper.
Decorate the plate with young leaves of fresh basil and oregano, the creamed cherry tomatoes, the black sauce and finally, the oil and garlic emulsion.
Ribbons of cuttlefish with oil and garlic RIBBONS OF CUTTLEFISH WITH OIL AND GARLIC