Perlage srl

T. 0438 900203
F. 0438 900195
Via Cal Del Muner 16, 31020 Farra Di Soligo (TV)
Azienda aderente al Consorzio
Perlage is the historic organic winery in the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Docg area since 1985. We cultivate our vineyards organically and with the passion learnt by father Tiziano and mother Afra. We produce our white & red wine, and Proseccos with the memory of tradition and the elegance of modernity. We are organic but also gorgeous. We are low sulfites, but also high tech. We are green but also colorful. We love to Party, but we also sit down at the table. We are cool but also hot. We are unique, but also social.
Perlage srl
Via Cal del Muner 16, 31020 Farra di Soligo (Tv)