Moletto società agricola s.s.
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Via Moletto 19, 31045 Motta Di Livenza (TV)
Azienda aderente al Consorzio
Steeped in Tradition
At the eastern edge of the province of Treviso where, more than five centuries ago, there was woodland governed by Venetian Republic, today there is a flourishing wine estate. It was thanks to the particular and fortuitous composition of the soils – rich in clayey and chalky ingredients – but also to the foresight and unflagging determination of the man who endeavoured to tap its winemaking potential, with the aid of the most modern enological technologies – but without detriment to traditional methods – that this transformation actually occurred. The Moletto Winery was founded in 1960 by Mario Stival, initially assisted by his wife, and then, from the eighties on, also by his children who dedicate their efforts to the company’s production, sales and marketing sectors. The winery encompasses the land located in Motta di Livenza as well as land in Belfiore di Pramaggiore, of millennia-old tradition of winemaking.
Moletto società agricola s.s.
via Moletto 19, 31045 Motta di Livenza (TV)