Lorenzonetto cav. guido

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Via Lignano Sabbiadoro 148/b, 33050 Latisana (UD)
The Lorenzonetto family has always handed down the art of wine making and cultivation of vineyards
from father to son, scrupulously observing old traditions whilst keeping abreast of modern viticultural and
oenological techniques. The winery is located in the lowland area of Friuli, more specifi cally in the winegrowing
area known as “Friuli Latisana”
The soils here are distinguished by their tenaciousness coming from the lime and clay, and the good
level of microelements results in balanced development of the vineyards.
The closeness to the sea provides benefi cial, relatively warm saline air-currents, creating an exceptional
microclimate, marking for tasty fragrant wines. Our production area has been well-known since the 15th
century when the son of Doge Andrea VENDRAMIN Bartolomeo, who had come to live in the Latisana
feudal estate, established a highly regarded horse breeding farm, and encouraged cultivation, especially vine
cultivation, the reason why the “Vino Furlano della Tisana” was distributed in Venice and enjoyed a great
reputation in the capital of the “Serenissima”. The wine of Latisana was also called “Vino Vendramino”,
after Venetian patrician family Vendramin. Over recent decades the Lorenzonetto winery has opted to
purchase highly technological wine-producing machinery and stainless steel vats. The intention is to
produce wines with increasing high quality organoleptic properties.
A quality wine is not solely the result of a good winemaking process; behind it all is a fundamental
parameter: “THE VINEYARD”.
All the root cuttings re-planted in our vineyards are the result of decades of clone selection, which
has highlighted a pre-eminent role among the methods of genetic improvement implemented in key wineproducing
Winter and summer vine-pruning activities are carried out using manual techniques to carefully
distinguish the shoots best-suited to quality grape production. Even the harvest is manual, guaranteeing
the selection and cleaning of the grapes placed into the containers for transportation to the cellar.
All this, combined with the commitment and professionalism of those who work in our winery, results
in wines that meet the satisfaction of all food and wine matching requirements, from the aperitif to the
Lorenzonetto cav. guido
via lignano sabbiadoro 148/b, 33050 latisana (ud)