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Casa Vinicola Botter s.p.a. began in 1928, founded by Carlo Botter. Today it is managed by the family’s third generation, and it is a market leader for the sale and export of Veneto and Italian wines.

The company was born as a negotiant in Veneto selling wines in casks and demijohns to restaurants and small retailers.
In the Fifties the second generation starts selling wines in bottles. The brothers Arnaldo and Enzo not only increased the company presence on the Italian market but aim at foreign markets and begin a long and constant expansion in Central Europe (Belgium, Germany and Switzerland).

The company shows in the main exhibitions of the sector and start selling to large distributors.

In the Seventies the company becomes a corporation (S.p.A.), the whole capital controlled by the family. On one hand the presence on the Italian market develops on the large national distributors sector , on the other the company is more and more involved on export which becomes the main target for sales.

Ten years later, the company sells the 90% of its production on foreign markets. The main activity aims at the large distributors in more than 25 countries all over the world, and the range of products increases accordingly.

The Company portfolio expands to include wines produced in Piedmont, Tuscany, Latium, the Marches, and in particular in Apulia. Veneto region wines are still produced, some on the 100-hectare family estate in Motta di Livenza, on the Veneto-Friuli area.

In the eighties the company starts developing the new sale sector of grape juice in addition to the production and sale of wine. This product almost unknown in Italy has large markets in Germany, Holland, Belgium, and France, where bulk juice is sold to large juice and beverage bottlers.

At the end of the 90s the third generation joins the company: Luca, Annalisa and Alessandro.
The marketing strategies change; the restyling of the products and of the company philosophy reflect the new dynamic company trend.
The family wine estate is re-structured: old vines are removed and new ones planted, a new production facility and barrel cellar are built, and the old farmhouse is restaured and adapted.
The company’s target is now a selected high quality range of wines: the Là di Motte brand.

In 2000 in consideration of the market demands, the company develops a new range of wines from South Italy, thanks to a strong partnership with selected local producers. The company Winemakers and consultants, coordinated by Enzo and Alessandro, surveys the vineyard, the production, and the bottling. The new Koiné brand becomes a reality.

In 2009 the family bought a new estate: Annia. 85 hectars of organic vineyards planted in 2009. The production started in 2011 in the new winery, equipped with tanks for 25.000 hectoliters and a plant to process up to 3000 tons of grapes.

Currently the company works with producers in Apulia, Molise, Abruzzo, and in Sicily, surveying the entire production process.

Botter exports the 98% of his production in more than 40 countries. Next to the main European markets (Eastern Europe included) the company has customers (either importers and distribution chains) in USA, Canada, and Asia, including the Scandinavian and the Canadian monopolies (with special private labels proyects).
Casa vinicola Botter Carlo e C. Spa
cadorna 17, 30020 fossalta di piave (ve)