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Muggia 36, 31045 Motta Di Livenza (TV)
The farm “Barro Sante” has beginning in the first years of twentieth century; the founder Sante Barro in those years is already appreciated for his production’s quality. Since then the passion and the care for viticulture and for production of high quality wines have remained unchanged; today the grandchild, who takes the grandfather’s name “Sante”, keeps up the family tradition with the assistance of his children.
The farm is extended on a 22 hectares area and is placed in the Motta di Livenza common, at few kilometres from Venice and in D.O.C. area.
Low productions for hectare are privileged to have a better quality and are exclusively utilized grapes of one’s cultivation. After grape-harvest and the pressing takes place the fermentation and with the temperature control are exalted the must characteristics. At the end of this process the wine matures in big tanks of farm under the rigorous controls of Barro’s family and becomes the excellent drink that you can appreciate.
Muggia 36, 31045 motta di livenza (TV)