Az. Vin San Martino Sas
T. 0438/441325
F. 0438/443091
Crosere 30, 31028 Vazzola (TV)
Azienda aderente al Consorzio
The company was founded in the 1960’s taking its name from its loocation , the San Martins. Between the 9th ant the 11th century, in fact, the ancient church of San Martino Vescovo, patron of Visnà, stood here, and still today parts of the stones from the ancient construction are uncovered every now and then during vineyards works.
The cellar has always stood out for the quality of its grapes and wines, and it’s today run by Giovanni e Walter, in the mark of family continuity, aided by a young, close –knit team of staff.
In San Martino, tradition and innovation live alongside the genuiness of the wines, always pleasant and perfect for everyfay consumption.
Whites, reds, roses, sparkling and still wines and spumanti.
Az. Vin San Martino Sas
crosere 30, 31028 vazzola (TV)